Johanna Z Leipzig

Before winter set in, we drove out into the countryside to hang with Trekkie Johanna in her sunny garden.

Linlin Munich, Germany

We met Linlin on a hot Munich afternoon, and played telephone with the world's biggest handy.

Emi Berlin, Germany

Emi had only been living in her place a couple of weeks, but already we could tell who ruled the roost.

Steffanie Perth, Australia

During a break from the big apple, we caught up with Perth girl Steff on home ground at her Grandma’s.

Maddy Perth, Australia

It was a 40-something degree day when we hung out with Maddy in her incredible backyard in the Perth Hills.

Luana Berlin, Germany

After living the world over, it’s amazing how Luana can fit her whole life within this tiny on-campus home.

Nina K Berlin, Germany

Having lived in the city for less than a year, Nina has already worked out the quirks of Berlin life, big hair and all.

Jude Amsterdam

Jude’s apartment in Amsterdam had so many beautiful windows we all wanted to move in immediately.

Marie Hamburg, Germany

Between finishing highschool, running a blog, and modelling, Hamburger Marie is a hard one to pin down.

Ana Munich, Germany

On voting day, and in the midst of the Oktoberfest madness, we found a spot of calm at the end of Ana's street.

Elisa Berlin, Germany

Before she dreamed of being a molecule, Elisa was just a regular girl riding a unicycle in the circus.

Sophie Berlin, Germany

Restless wanderer Sophie stood still long enough for us to dress her up and eat some cake.

Philomena Berlin, Germany

Beach babe Philomena put her law books down for the afternoon to hang out with us in her ginormous backyard.

Justyna Berlin, Germany

Daisy chains and a ukelele were the order of the day when we visited Justyna this spring.

Marusja Berlin, Germany

Self-confessed sweets addict Marusja took a day off to show us her latest room rearrangement.

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