Going Home With Girls


Berlin, Germany
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Briony Ridley
Hair & Make Up
Claudia Rotoli

How did you get into modelling?

After being scouted a couple of times I started when I was 16, when I needed money to do an exchange year in Canada.

Best part of living with your flatmate Hannah?

She is just as awkward and unexperienced when it comes to a household as I am. She kills spiders for me AND we share a lot of weird passions, one of them being an addiction to the cardgame “Maumau”. Which also makes the next question easy to answer…

Typical Saturday night at your apartment?

I am not ashamed to say… Hannah and me would probably be sitting in the kitchen in our bathrobes and matching slippers drinking wine and playing cardgames.

Your apartment has some weird features going on. What’s your favorite thing in your apartment?

Ha. I would probably have to go with Franz, the oven in my bedroom.

What is the strangest memory you have from your childhood?

It’s not actually a memory, my former babysitter told me this story a while ago and I was lost for words. I was about 4 and my babysitter was trying to rest on the sofa when I walked up to her holding a plastic saw in my hand. She gently asked me what I was doing and I told her I had plans to cut off her leg. Then she asked me why and apparently I looked up to her with my big blue eyes and said “BLOOD”.

Winter or summer?


Your apartment is on fire, what do you grab first?

My clothes. No, my artwork. My clothes. Hannah? My artwork. NO WAIT MY BATHROBE.

Favourite take-away/imbiss/late-night-snack-place on your street?

The Döner Imbiss at U-Bahn Gneisenaustraße is quite good.

How do you dress for spring in Berlin?

Definitely skirts and dresses and maybe a pair of baggy jeans – anything that’s not tight. Then my favourite leather jacket and a pair of comfy shoes. Can’t wait…

Questions from Isabell

What’s the craziest thing that has happened to you in your time as a model?

When I was working in Sydney, I met Leonardo DiCaprio.

If you could have anything you wished for, what would it be?

Another final season of The Sopranos.

If you went to a desert island, what or who would you take with you?

Err… books?

Of all the places in the world you have visited, which ones have you liked the best?

Hard to say. I think London, New York and the parts of Thailand that I’ve seen are all my favourites.

Emily was photographed and interviewed in February 2013.

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