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Munich, Germany
Munich Models
Briony Ridley
Hair & Make Up
Luna Federowicz

How did you get your start in modelling?

I got scouted when I was shopping with a friend in Munich city.

Describe your home in three words?

Full-of-memories, comfortable, artistic.

What is the best thing about living where you live?

It’s near the english garden and I love the people who live in my street ,they’re really friendly and nice. I really love that my home is surrounded by many big trees too! So I like the view out my window.

You come from a very creative family. What do your parents do, and how has that influenced you?

My mum is an opera singer and she also teaches singing at our home. My dad was ballet dancer in Munich Staatsballet and now he is engineer for Network Design at Cisco Systems. I’ve grown up listening to my mum singing, and going to the opera to watch her.  I really like to listen to classical music. I sometimes sing Ave Maria with my mum, and play the piano at the same time. I love watching ballet, it’s so beautiful! So because my parents are both artists I can see that I take classical dancing and singing A LOT more seriously, especially at school.

Favourite home-cooked meal?

I love when my mother cooks chinese or when my dad cooks the very traditional cold noodles with a special sauce :)

If your cat Mimi was a celebrity, who do you think it would be?

Haha, well Mimi would totally be someone like Cara Delevigne because she is very pretty but she can also be very very characterful and do her own thing. She can get aggressive and mean, and does what she wants and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks ;)

Something impossible you wish was possible?

Getting taller :D And meeting Miranda Kerr. I love her SO MUCH. She is so classic, and amazingly beautiful.

Summer or winter?

Totally summer.

Favourite thing to do when you wake up earlier than normal on a summer morning?

Continue sleeping :D but if I was awake enough I’d make a yummy breakfast and eat it on the balcony and enjoy the warm sun.

What’s the last dream (or nightmare!) you remember having?

Oooh my last nightmare was sooo real feeling. I dreamt that someone was shooting with a pistol, but actually it was because my brother was outside at 3am throwing a softball against my window because he had no keys and I didn’t hear the 100 calls and 100 messages (he was at his friend’s next to our house). Oooh god, I almost had a heart attack because I thought someone was shooting our house :D

Questions from Emi

Favourite holiday destination?

New York, or somewhere with a big beautiful beach.

Would you look into your future if you could?

Yes, I would because I am too curious not to.

What do you want to do after/other than modelling?

I would love to do something with fashion or TV hosting :)

Cat or dog?

Both, but it depends. I  think little dogs are reeeaally cute.

If you could be any celebrity, who would it be?

Miranda Kerr or Kendall Jenner.

Linlin was photographed and interviewed in August 2014.

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