Going Home With Girls


Berlin, Germany
Izaio Models
Briony Ridley
Hair & Make Up
Claudia Rotoli

What did you want to be when you were a kid?

When I was little I absolutely wanted to be Pippi Longstocking. I was so impressed by her strength and athleticism that I always wanted to imitate her.

What are you looking forward to?

I’m very excited about getting my first apartment! In a couple of months I will move out of home, together with a friend.

Describe your typical Sunday?

A typical Sunday starts with a family breakfast at 10am. It doesn’t matter if I’ve been out the night before or how tired I am – at ten there will be breakfast. Other than that, relaxing at home or in the park, if the weather is nice. Sometimes I study for university on Sundays.

What is the funniest or most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?

Unfortunately I don’t remember. There have been these moments, but I can’t place them anymore. I guess that’s what makes these moments funny or embarrassing anyway. At the time they are super funny, but when you recount them, you can’t really say why it made you laugh so much.

Do you remember your dreams? What was the last dream you remembered?

Oh, that’s tough. I also can’t remember this… But I do dream several times a year that my sisters and I are being chased by a tiger through the jungle, and then have to jump off a cliff. This is the moment when I always wake up. So it’s a nightmare.

What’s so great about the number 13?

First of all, the number 13 looks visually harmonious, but the actual reason I like it so much is that it reminds me of our old apartment I grew up in. 13 was the house number.

Do you have any nicknames?

My friends either call me “Philo” or “Mena”, my parents call me “Menchen” (little man).

How did you start modelling? What do you like about it?

After graduating last year, I found myself with all this free time on my hands, so my best friend took some polaroids of me which we sent to Izaio. First I was afraid they would find me uninteresting and say no. When their response was positive, I was over the moon.
What I like about it is that it’s a relatively quick way for me to earn money. The little time I have off from my law studies doesn’t allow me any proper side job. Also, it’s a nice contrast to intensive studying. Modelling allows me to switch off, I get to meet many new and interesting people and visit new extraordinary places.

Questions from Justyna

What has modelling brought to your life personally?

I learned to present myself with confidence in front of strangers, some of whom don’t even speak my language. Also, working in the fashion industry has taught me to appreciate my private life more.

Do you have a favourite TV show?

This changes for me constantly. At the moment I’m really into New Girl.

Coffee or tea?


Country or city girl?

Well I’m not a real city person, but I don’t consider myself to be a country person either. For me it’s important to reach the city quickly, but also to have a quiet spot to escape to.

Are you someone who goes out at night or do you rather stay in?

When I’m up to my ears with school and my days are really stressful, I stay home at night, but during semester breaks I rather turn into a party animal.

Philomena was photographed and interviewed in June 2013.

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