Going Home With Girls


Berlin, Germany
Izaio Models
Briony Ridley
Hair & Make Up
Britta Tess

How did you get into modelling? What do you like about it?

I actually never thought about modelling. A design student from the Lette-Verein saw me in a picture on facebook and asked me if I’d like to model for her. She and a few other friends started to push me to apply at an agency. Modelling, for me, is not as life-filling as it is for others, but I love getting to know so many different interesting people ;)

Morning person or night person?

Definitely NIGHT PERSON!!!

Cat person or dog person?

I guess both.

Favourite subject at school?

German, History and English, except the exams!!

Favourite thing to do in the winter?

Reading and sleeping!

If you could only take one book to a desert island, which would you take?

War and Peace by Tolstoy, because I don’t think you can remember 2000 pages after reading it only once.

Favourite German word you’d like to teach me?

I don’t have a favourite word in german…

Questions from Nina

Do you have any idols? If yes, who and why?

No, actually not, because idols aren’t perfect.

What sets Berlin apart from other cities? What do you love/hate about it?

It’s always changing. I grew up here so I love Berlin because it’s my city with so many beautiful memories. I hate Berlin though because everybody all over the world thinks that it’s sooooo special.

Did you have any heroes from books or films when you were little?

No, not really

Favourite piece of furniture in your room?


Camilla was photographed and interviewed in November 2012.

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